Need help making a height measurer in Gimkit Creative Platofrmer

I am making a Gimkit platformer and I want to make a thing that shows your height and it shows in the leaderboard just like in Don’t look down. Can someone help pls.

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Questions the fact that kosm0-o is online 2 days ahead of schedule

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right now there isn’t really a efficient way of doing this, the best way to to put zones at every “foot” and make every time you step in it, it sets a property to the “height” that it is at (Probably using soe block code) that then transports into a property is shown using an overlay. you could also use way points but I’m too tired to figure that out now, good night, and hopefully this helped you.

Or, if simpler, put a zone, then have it trigger a waypoint when in that zone. after that, just add more, and more, as it will make it straighter…

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Yeah, sorry I don’t really use waypoints muh.

You can always place triggers at approximate “25%, 50%, 75%, 100%” landmarks.

why not do a movement meter or something that then just increases at every foot


You can do that, but it would take a lot of triggers. Considering that an average map is ~100-200 feet, and triggers are 75 memory, it could take you 11250 memory, or ~9 percent. I would recommend every 10-50 feet, although exact measurements may be hard to do.

we could ask gimkit and ask them how they did it

The height in platformers is a developer device, they might release it soon


I mean not really, Gimkit uses text based code for their gamemodes not block code. Plus I think Gimkit wouldn’t want to give you the source code…

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Ways to figure out map height:

  • Place blocks (painful)
  • Waypoint
  • Triggers (Not effiecnt at all)
  • Movement Meter
  • Banana (Not true)

Or… just search it, they got it on Google/wiki (or at least I think)

Another repeat question I guess.

How is this a repeat question?

There have been a lot of questions about how high the platformer world is.