Need help making a deathrun from the beginning/because of deletion

i need help making a deathrun but i keep messing up to the point i have to delete the world to start from scratch the tenth time now. and i already had to delete it again.


Why don’t you go back to the other topics on a death run
Death Run Help :frowning:
Making good death run

those are long time ago and those are asking for help not a guide i checked before i posted.

this is related to gimkit creative i meant from the beginning.

Wait nevermind, I thought from scratch, the site.
Look in dungeon.

i want to make a death run where one person control the traps and stuff while everyone tries to escape it i might need to make it when DLD it avaible to play on creative.

those help guides have many guides and insight into how to make a death run and can be used almost as a guide