Need help in my gimkit server making a maze

please use my gmail to text me

we can help you without emailing
also don’t use your school email

I wouldn’t leak your email

no you cant this takes actual editing

people told me not to post link so im not posting link

that email had your name and district I would be much more careful with that
your lucky you changed it fast enough that it didn’t appear in edit history

ill be afk be right back

This is what the forums are for. I suggest moving the help here, not into a personal email.

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posting a topic just to start a conversation through emails is also not allowed
just explain the problem and we can explain the solution

i need help building my maze in my map what else do i need to say!!!

you want people to join your map and thats it
if your not asking people questions here then it does not belong here

im saying i need other peoples help to make it where else am i supposed to post these

you ask us questions if you want someone to go directly to your map go to the WIX

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where that at idk what that is

ok i found the website

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