Need help figuring out a single selection system

Basically, the game I’m making is a deth run style laser runner where deth has to fight an enmy then go on the activate lasers to kll incoming players. The issue is that I don’t know how to make it so that you can only pick one weapon without a massive tangle of wires. Please help!

What exactly are you suggesting about one wepon?
Is it random?
Map Options → Set player slots to 1 or 2?

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Instead of wires you could use channels.

You can only pick one from five weapons and then it should make it so the other weapons fade out (it’s a vending machine)

This might fill up the channels so he’ll have a hard time finding one…

what do you mean by “pick up only one weapon”? if you want them to only hold one weapon, go into map options, then press items, and set inventory slots to 1

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Okay… so make it so that the granter(s) you set down take away an item, or if possible, delete all of the weapons

Once the weapon of their choice is picked up, delete all of the other weapons there.

the issue is that there are other items to hold like the shield cans and a top secret weapon

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The granters only need to delete weapons

oof, idk then. maybe just hope they don’t grab multiple weapons :man_shrugging:

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you can also make a sign that says the game wont work correctly if you take more than one weapon

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You can try make multiple areas with granters that take in the other items, unlock the area, and then later you can go in and it’ll grant you that item
You need a LOT of granters tho



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