Need help and ideas for my wild west map

Help plz I need ideas and help because I don’t know what to do :face_holding_back_tears:

How about a bar fight?

what’s that? and what’s it about?

Its basically where everyone just starts 1v1ing each other in the bar

uhhhh what’s a bar? because I’m still working on my other map so yeah

Don’t think I can say that on the fourms without getting banned

I have an idea @begba!

what’s you idea Cod_Zombies

So, wild west. Where is the setting? Like a small town or inside a building, like maybe a (drink place)

Yeah what he said at the end is what I mean by bar

ohhh that’s what you meant by bar

Yeah, but i’m waiting on @begba

and I’m thinking of making the setting in a small town

A small town is your idea for your map?

Probably like the sandbox mode in the Toy story 3 game

yeah and there are bandits and merchants you can buy from for the bandits you can k1ll them to get money

Well then, what items are allowed to be purchased?

and you can k1ll each other for money and battle

So a PVP or one player mode?

Items you can purchase are a Quantum Portal, Evil Eye, Zapper, Blaster, Med Kits, Shield Cans, and some other weapons like power-ups like speed, strength, and I’m thinking of adding invisibility