Need game ideas for a GKD (Gimkit Discovery)

I need ides for a game.

Which game sounds best.
  • Retro Game
  • RPG
  • Open Sandbox
  • Racing
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I’m not sure how an Open Sandbox would work, but if it wins the vote, best of luck!

Thanks for your support! @LeoOfGim

What would be the retro game?

Idk I’ll put a poll but I guess a classic Mario game or pacman or something like that.
Does that answer ur question @ModerateCape86 ?

Yes, thx

how come retro game and open sandbox are one single percent apart?

quick question. when do i change from a new user on the forum to regular so i can post more images on post? I am not new to gimkit, just forum

Just wait a day. You will be able to add more images. Regulars don’t have anything to do with images but you have to be on 50 out of 100 days.

ok thanks. i just keep getting an error that says news can only post on media file

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