Need an Idea for a top down game

Im open for any option

Look at idea-catalog

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well first think of a game that u liked/like (doesnt have to be in gimkit) then think of the mechanics it has and try to remake it! EXAMPLE: like if i like minecraft i will try to make something like it And try my best to add the same mechanics

it is hard i dont have a season pass so i cant do platformer and i love the game mode dig it up

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This guide

stop asking for people to buy you season pass I have seen you everywhere asking just stop

ok so I’ma point this out

  1. he wasn’t begging he was just saying
  2. lets not start a argument cuz they dont end up well (trust me ik)
  3. I get it u don’t like the fact that he mentions it but just “Flag it and move on” -Jeffo

ok yea thats my bad .

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but he did actually create a whole entire topic just asking for the season pass

we all make mistakes but lets try not to bring them back to life :wink:

I saw that but instead of asking him to stop in a rude way maybe ask him to read the FAQ

is the asking for season pass in the FAQ?

no but I’m saying u could offer him to read the Community guidlines
this is getting off topic so lets just stop it from here

(I figured out how to do a onebox, yay)