Need a thumbnail for Bedwars game


BED (any bed is fine)
Gimkit character(s) (any gimkit character)

Alright lemme get started

hay may i ask what kind of map

ok thank you so much ill check back too you to tommorow

What is your email so you can send stuff to me


silver ive played your game of bedwars that m13 made

correction m13 is my brother so its more like helped

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eny ways u got Google docs whare we can talk privetly

noo whats your email?

sry I cant text on enything els, can u get it?
it be betur if u give me yours

i can get my email…and no i dont have ggle dxs

can u try to get it?

get what???

ggl docs <><><><><><

what do you mean just do it here why do you need e-mail for this?!?

i cant…rgvawfgarjeirgauierhguiahe

here is one

:smiley: beat that A17


yo wsp M13 <><><><><

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a blue sky

go to thae chat