Need a name for my map!

I am making a platformer version of snowbrawl, what name do you like best?

  • Platform Fight
  • Snowy Sky Battles
  • Skybrawl
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Skybrawl doesn’t sound related to snow


That’s true, but it does sound related to snowbrawl.

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Platform Fight has no votes

I like the alliteration in snowy sky battles

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Screenshot 2024-04-02 4.46.35 PM
Hol’ up, that’s 130% total…

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umm the math isn’t mathing

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Maybe the poll is messed up when someone takes multiple votes? Or maybe the math, as HP7divergent said, just isn’t “mathing”

Not "mathing" comment

." Anyway, I voted Skybrawl. It sounds pretty cool and makes snowbrawl pop up in my mind.

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Can we get some other names no offense but they aren’t that good

like make it on hot air ballons

or snowy strife or something
I agree we could add more names, but I also like the original ones

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I thought Skybrawl sounded cool… although you might have meant maybe the names sounded like they’d be a bit common. That could be correct once everyone gets access to platforming.

You misspelled balloon.

The map is already made. 1234567 (probably) is done changing features and doesn’t need to add anything more, so Battle Balloons probably wouldn’t work unless they already have balloons in their map the way you described it.

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ok i did not know that

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the map is MOSTLY finished, but i need to make instructions and a waiting room, but I needed a name first before I could do that

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There is a new poll.

Since there is a new poll, you should probably mark a solution on this one.

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