Need a crafting table

I need help i am making a minecraft gimkit and i need a design for a crafting table that looks like one in minecraft

Does this look ok?

I need it to look like the one from minecraft

ok im working on it

Like thisCrafting Table – Minecraft Wiki

you cant post pictures in gimkit- so you have to find a way using emojis

Or barriers because they have more colors

gimnoob is right, you will have to work your way around it.

What one is better?

I’ll brb, I have to eat lunch.

How about this?
Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 11.18.24 AM


That looks good but its the table bigger and under it??

You could use 2 separate crafting tables that use the same recipes

Oh, ok

It would be good if it was from the side

I don’t know if it is possible, if it is I don’t know how to do it!

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Like thistag:"texture:crafting_table_side ...

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