Natural disaters minigame

A person in the comments of a post I made had a really good idea, a natural disaster game like on Roblox, but I’m not sure how to make disasters here are my ideas
-volcano eruption
-Add more
-add more

I will be back to check after I help cook :slight_smile:

Alright! Am back. Volcano eruptions can be animating with lava flowing out, or you can make random blocks appear out of no where on the map. Make sure they will knock you out if that happens.

Numbah 2!1!!

Not sure how an earthquake could work, but you could maybe make it cracks around the place and people randomly teleporting around the place. Like they just teleport across half the map, for example.

You could make it so they get damaged slightly when teleported, but that could be chance. Way you could do that is use random integer to decide if they get teleported then teleported back after going through a laser of how much damage you want.


You could make a flood by making it that after a certain amount of time the floor will be blue, and you slowly take damage. Fail to get to high ground and you will drown.


Animate a giant wave, and make sure it 1 shots them.

Wild fire!

Just add lots of fire around, and it can randomly spread, (Using random integers)

Animate it moving around in set locations, and if the player gets too close, activating a animation that sucks them in, and does almost all of their hp. Make sure the tornado is difficult to avoid, so that that one time life use is useful.

After all of that, you could make an intermission, which shows the map, then after a bit, the disasters, up to 3! 1 disaster 70% 2 disasters 20% and 3 disasters 10%.

Make sure to add a lobby too, which can give health and shield. But I recommend not showing a health bar to make it more realistic.

Alright! There is all my ideas.

Edit: Oh… that’s long…

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