Names for levels in my Adventure game + Need Thumbnail Competition

The game is an adventure game and these are the names I could come up with. The name of it is “The Showdown For Gimtropolis”
Level 1 Is a Workshop
Level 2 is a Lab
Level 3 is a Office Building
Level 4 is a is or basketball court
Level 5 is a Plant Invasion in a different lab
Level 6 is the final showdown (Don’t need anything specific, It could be called The final step or something)
I will Create a poll for each Level Name i Like in the comments.
I will also Put the person that win the levels name in the description.
I also Need a thumbnail, I will also give credits whoever makes the best thumbnail

  • Hm7 Thumbnail
  • HACKERS Thumbnail
  • ThatMyBoy ThumbNail
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Level 1 name: The Abandoned Workshop
Level 2 name: The Hidden Laboratory
Level 3 name: Work Time
Level 4 name: The Basket-Off Arena
Level 5 name: Plat-Stirring Invasion
Level 6 name: The Final Battle


Thanks! Your Names are now in the list for the official names! Remember, when more people enter names your will go against them.

Np happy to help and yeah, I’m fine with competition

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Level 1: A Crafty Escape
Level 2: Mystery Lab
Level 3: All Work No Play
Level 4: Arena Showdown
Level 5: Growing Chaos
Level 6: The Finale Battle


I can make the thumbnail tomorrow probably if you want. do you want it Photoshop or handdrawn

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I prefer hand drawn but if you can’t you can do photoshop! Again Your Thumb nail will be in a poll too.

ok. just a reminder: I’ll have it by tomorrow afternoon.

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Tell me if you want me to add anything, I gtg for now.


Make sure u put your name on there like
Thumbnail made by “user”

I finally made the new game on gimkit I’m thh developer

can I make a thumbnail?

Yes You Can! Everyone Can! It’s a Competition!

@That_One_Gimkit_Guy could you maybe do a sketch of what you want

It doesn’t matter, I don’t care what you put in.

I think @That_One_Gimkit_Guy said the name was the showdown for gimtropolis

I’m doing my thumbnail now

Ok, Remember it’s a competition, you may not win. But if you do, I’ll give credits and put you in the credits hall at the end of the game.

Do you want me to Send a Little sneak Peek of the game for reference? Or I can Let you PLAY the game (Only level 1 is finished + I’m not feeling good so The only thing I really do is watch tv and work on my game)

I think a little sneak peek is best