Name Request for GKC Map

POLL TIME!! Ends at:2024-04-06T17:00:00Z

  • Breakout
  • Lab Lockdown
  • Ruh-Roh Runaway
  • Escape Quaratine Facility
  • Eternal Breackout
  • Eternal Labratory
  • 30 Minutes to escape
  • Escape Planet X (my fav)
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30 Minutes to Escape
Escape Planet X

OK, Can you choose one name please. (I’m prob gonna do a poll later on)

30 Minutes to Escape then

OK sounds good!

Maybe “Breakout”

flee the facility :skull:


That’s what I was thinking XD

Lab Lockdown,
Ruh-Roh, Runaway
Escape Quarantine Facility

just a few suggestions

Eternal breakout Is a good one!

Also about the thumbnail can you tell me what you want to see?

Work I've done

Some of my previous work:

Flee the Facility-
Just kidding, it’s The Eternal Labratory.

@Random_dude123 just asking, when you say this and show your work, could you make the thumbnails a drop-down so no clutter is made?

Oh yeah I can probably do that.
Let me edit it.

Number 1

I know. (around the same concept)

Screenshot 2024-04-05 7.31.57 PM
Also I voted for Lab Lockdown.

what do you mean??

Breakout got 34 percent, Escape Quarantine Facility and Lab lockdown got 33 percent.

I really like the name Escape Quaratine Facility

I belive two people voted for Breakout