Name bug please solve

Sometimes, my little brother would get on a game. His name that he entered was Hi. But instead, it said his name was “CopperOwl”

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I tested that out and it seems like it was showing the name i entered (Hi) and not some randomized name.

Your little brother is tricking you into thinking that he put hi as in his username and turned into a random name. He probably just put an inappropriate username that makes the username moderation detect that username and turn it into a randomized name.

I knew it that this isn’t a bug. Your little brother is just tricking you. No way that could happen.

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why don’t you try yourself and then comment back and mark a solution

I just said that i did.

By the way, i can’t mark the solution.

you can’t or you want this to be fixed
please add a screen shot

It’s fake. He’s either trolling us or his brother told him misinformation. Mark a solution, @Tobias7454744745.

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Ask Rundw02. It’s happened to him…
Quote: “WHY. IS IT. THAT EVERY TIME. I HAVE A DIFFERENT NAME?!” Yeah, could be a bug.

I tried Hi in a game. My name said Hi.

We told you, your brother is just trolling you.

He isn’t. I was beside him. He entered hi as his name. Anyway it said CopperOwl

Bro, don’t jump to conclusions right away…

Not possible. If there really is a problem, email Gimkit.

I’m just marking myself with a solution because I found out how to fix the bug

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