Name and Thumbnail For my Map

Hey Guys, I need A name for my map. It is a nice PvP map that has lots of secret rooms. I need ideas. If you have more questions about it if you need more details for the Name , just ask. Also, I need a thumbnail. I just need a few gims fighting with weapons, and a secret door in the background. Thank You Guys!

For the name would something like Gimslayers work?

maybe, but if you could incorporate something about exploring or secret rooms too maybe?

The Secret Rooms? could that work?

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Gimventures, Secretslayers, do any of those sound good?

Actually, all of them are amazing. I might put them in a poll

I can make one if you want

What about Gimkit: The Secret?

can you tell us more about the game and what it is about

Yeah that works and slimjim58, could you put them in a poll? The ones I want in a poll are Gimkit: The Secret?,Gimventures, Secret slayers, and The Explorer Plz

also has anyone seen a gim named H̸A̷C̵̈K̴E̴̓R

Ok , The goal of the game is to Defeat the other team. But in the game, there are a lot of secret rooms that have better weapons and upgrads

I have not agent j what do you mean

There is a menace to PVP maps called H̸A̷C̵̈K̴E̴̓R

ok but what is the theme of the map ( is it a midevil map or based in the future stuff like that )

Pick your favorite name for the map!

  • Secret-slayers
  • Gim-ventures
  • The Explorer
  • Gimkit: The secret
  • The Dark Gims
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oh why is he a menace to pvp maps

He said the map is a mixure of everything

he wins all the time

Let me know when you want me to end the polling