Mystery box system?(COD Zombies map)

Yes, as a COD Zombies fan, you all may as well saw this coming,but i need help making a working(or nonworking) mystery box. Help please? :slight_smile:

This cool person already made a guide like this!


Here, check out this video by MathThrive

(This uses no blocks but will take up more memory if you use more items)
If you didn’t watch it, basically there is a teleporter with a group of “a” and a target of “b”
There are multiple “b” teleporters but only one “a” teleporter. How this works is that there is a wire from teleporter “a” called “teleport player to target” which chooses a random “b” teleporter to teleport a player to. Now connect those “b” teleports to item granters.
You can make things more common by placing more teleporters that give that specific item and making fewer teleporters that give a specific item.

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I’ll check both of these out guys, thanks!

Hm, no blocks. I may need to see this!


Go ahead, friend. Best of luck to you


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