My vending machine isn't working [RESOLVED]

I have no idea why this is happening, but my vending machine isn’t working. It says “not available” when I go up to it. Thoughts?

…aaand, it just randomly started to work. Okay…

It means that you already bought it.

No, even when I’ve just started the game it says not available.

Check the settings of the vending machine, especially the stock.

Is this a new issue or has it been happening for a while?

What device are you on?

is active on game start=yes

I have another vending machine right by it. They aren’t connected in any way, and the other one says the same thing for stock, but it works and lets me buy it. The only thing different between them, as far as I know, is the cost and item name.

Maybe move this to bugs…

yeah, duh :skull:
its clearly some other issue

Try clearing your cache. (Warning, will log you out of almost everything)
If that doesn’t work,
Then I dunno.

Have you tried closing the creative game and restarting it? (Remeber to save it first)

say wut now? how do i do that?

It’s basically clearing your history to make more storage.
However, it clears a lot of cookies which basically signs you out of everything.

Are they possibly too close so you can only see one message? What color is the vending machine, grey/gray or orange?

It’s grey, but I have no idea why…

Restart Gimkit creative (after saving). Also, check your memory status

Well, then it’s not active for some indeterminable reason. How does it activate, by channel? Is it automatic?

Grey or Gray? — Jane Morris Pack

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