My vending machine disappeared, but its shadow is still there

In my vending machine’s settings, I made the required item amount category blank. When I did this, the machine disappeared, but it left a shadow. I can’t find it anywhere, and I am not able to get rid of the shadow. Can somebody please give me a solution?

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happened to me too. i am writing so gimkit will allow me to post blah blah

I think it is just a glitch

Same here (extra characters)

yeah it happened for me to. I took a break for a bit and went back later, and it was back.

I had this bug before. You just had to reload, and it’ll come back.

Try Reloading The Page

this happens a lot, just reload the page and fix some settings that might not have been saved

Can u make that clearer, because if you’re in edit mode, set it to invisible in game, the vending machine should have a small oval shadow. :thinking:

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just reload gimkit if it happens

There is a remove shadow switch.