My timer went wrong

I have followed @JoeTheChicken 's timer post, but it came up as “1:0” and it never counted. I even made sure the blocks were accurate. Is there something else I could have done wrong?

well you need to explain further. we can’t help if you don’t explain more.

I don’t know what it could be. I might as well delete this post, as it can’t be helped.

Don’t reply anymore. I will mark a solution to end this.

Hey, @th3_ca1tsune Welcome to the forums!

You can’t delete a post…

I’ve been here 1 day. But thanks for the welcome.

You’re still considered new if you were here one day.

welcome th3_ca1tsune

I know I’m still new.

Welcome to the Forums @th3_ca1tsune :partying_face:

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