My spawn pads arent working

So ive got 7 spawn pads around my map, 3 for team 1 and 4 for team 2

Every time i try to test my map i get spawned at the middle of the map i tried setting the pads to spawn host and pre-game, Pre-game works but its Pre-game, so i put one just for the host and i did not spawn at it

Do not try and spawn them pregame, pregame is only active before you start. Also, make sure that normal players, not necessarily hosts, can spawn there too.

but i will only spawn at the center of the map

even if i set it to all players and everything

Are you assigning players to team 1 and team 2? What exactly do the options look like?

It has teams 1-60, i Get set to team 1 and spawn at the center

Are you sure you need that many spawn pads? Maybe they’re getting jammed up. Also make sure that the spawn pads only spawn players that are on the right team.

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Set a spawn pad to game instead of pre-game. Pre-game is for lobbies and stuff.

i only have 2 teams, it shows 1-60

In Creative, spawn pads (for some reason) show 60 different teams. Make sure just to use Team 1 and Team 2!

I presume this is because in FFA mode, each player is on their own team, and GKC maps have a maximum of 60 players. They show 60 different teams because in two team mode, the other teams still exist, they simply do not have anybody on them.

Hmm probably too much? but no that would not happen…