My sentries randomly got names

I didn’t do anything to the sentries - i didn’t even follow the sentry naming bug guide. All i did is name them and choose their skin. Somehow they got their name into the public.

Hey, this is a good bug!


Then why are you asking about it if it is a good bug?

Tbh I think it’s just the devs making an update and it’s just showing in public too early

Selfie /w Dr. Nebula

It doesn’t let you change anything about the sentry after you edit it.

you can change the name of stuff

Once it does not let you to edit it, refresh the map, then you can edit, delete, whatever you need

Yeah, that should work. If not, please email:

They might be able to help there.

:0 that happened to me :0

Oh, wait this is just part of the new update:
New Update: February 5th, 2024 :key:

There’s nothing wrong that’s totally new; it’s just a bug several people have noticed already; I’m guessing they are trying to fix it soon.

Or perhaps it can be fixed using @Splatter’s suggestion. I’ve seen a post where it can be solved using that.

Yeah, this even happens in One Way Out. It’s pretty funny, albeit annoying for many creators.

IT’S BEEN FIXED :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Great! I’m glad!

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