My screen is weird when I logged in

I don’t know what happened but I just wanted to say this

what’s wrong with it?


can you use words? I lit don’t see anything wrong…

its darker the the use

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brightness, plus don’t rlly matter that much:/

and it looks really weaird

I’m just guessing its brightness

Are you just trying to flex your skins?

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It opened to locker? Maybe because you have been there often, so when you typed in it auto went to the locker.

its happing right now on my screen

is your screen brightness down?

You’re rather trying to flex your skins or this is a brightness problem on your chromebook.
Edit: I kinda believe chrysotom. You’re probably trying to flex your skins.


I feel you might just want to flex your skins because of 2 things:

now you didn’t say anything and just showed a picture of your cosmetics

you showed another picture of your locker but this time scrolled up higher
(I am guessing to show the ones not shown in the previous image)

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If this is actually an issue, reloading it should work. If it doesn’t work, just email the devs at and they’ll fix it. Now, please mark a solution. :white_check_mark:

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Please mark a solution

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That isn’t a big problem, is it, though?
Mark a solution and stop flexing your skins.


he prob is.

He went from at the end of his list to the top :joy:

Hmf if your trying to brag your skins actually get a lot


try to send a video