My scope for the barrier apply es to all teams

my scope for the barrier apply es for all teams instead of 1 and I cant change it.

Did you set the barrier scope? Also don’t make multiple topics for the same thing.

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yes and the opens were team or player or global. I clicked team and it blocked both teams

Ok what was the input channel scope?

I clicked on it and then I went to the thing called scope.

No, like did the channel broadcast for everyone or just for one team?

I don’t know. I clicked team.

how do you do that? please I really want to know and you seem like a pro

Using a relay, you can convert the channel broadcast to make it broadcast for everyone. You can use some concepts in this guide to make it go back to player scope. Usethis guide to learn more about scope itself. If you want more help on scope specific to channels, ask.