My relays don't work

So I was trying to have a button that only team 2 can see and the relay was set to an audience of team 2. Then I connected it with a wire. Relay Triggered → Show Overlay. But everyone (team 1 and 2) can both see it. Pls help.

have you tried using a wire repeater instead of the relay?

Make sure that the overlay is inactive on game start.

I think that you might want to check the scope of the relay. Make sure that the relay is set to “All players in a specific team” and for “Team” set it to team 2 like this.

Make sure that the relay can be triggered and that the overlay is hidden at first.

Hope this helps!

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Make sure the relay’s setting isn’t on all players.

My lifecycle triggers the relay but the relay won’t trigger the overlay.

That’s because the lifecycle only applies to the host I think.

So how do I make the relay trigger the overlay?

Here is what is going wrong:

Even though only team 2 can see the button, when the relay is triggered it relays for ALL players, so all players see the overlay. What you need to do is set the relay to relay for all players on triggering player’s team. This will make it so that only people on team 2 will see the overlay.
I hope this helps!

@Blackhole927 I have that but I think my game is broken because my game overlay (turned off) won’t be turn on when triggered by the relay

Here are the things you need:
Relay to specific team: team 2
Overlay settings: BOTH are player

A cleaner setting is to set the overlay’s scope to team.

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