My published map wont show

When I spend 1000 Gimbucks my published map wont show in new or when I search up the game.

This usually takes time (a maximum of one day) so be patient.

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What is the name of it

Welcome. Be sure to read the FAQ. But @twofoursixeight is right. These things take time

its been 1 month when I posted the map

Search up Allwen727 and you’ll find one of my maps that did het punlished

The name of my maps always have Allwen727


not too proud of that one but thats the only one you can find

yes it say total plays 0 and stuff like that

Yes only one that came u[

remember I’ve posted 2 other ones and only one shows up

Why are you guys still flagging me after two hours IDK if you’ll see this but bruh just out of nowhere in 2 hours

(post deleted by author)

This is intentional because sharing publish links is against the forum rules.

Please keep this on topic as it makes clutter in the forums. :smiley: (sorry for sounding like a karen)


It’s good mark… MARKTHESHARK!

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And @Allwen welcome to the forums we hope you enjoy your visit here as we are a nice community about gimkit!

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