My New Command center for game modes

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The Host has almost full control of everything that happens in the game

Is this to much power for the host to have?

um, what exactly is this here?

it is a control area in which the host can change the game

well if the host can control EVERYTHING, then it looks like the right amount of stuff. Very cool.

Well… If you want this to be a community made guide you should give details on how to make it. If not, i guess you could just say it’s showcasing and it might get flagged.

The host can change different values for different stuff like item limits

oh ok, its been long time since I’ve been here

this control box allows the host to hide/show barriers, give/take health give/take shield. give items, endgame, talk to players, turn questions on/off, and other settings

OH MY GOD, i almost had a heart attack looking at this! try to organize everything in the top half! also if you accidentally click the wrong button you could just end the game or kill players so that is WAY too much power!

yea, I got bored and created this

but it is more organized than it looks.

I’m trying to make a rpg game and this is kind of for the D-M

for this game I need all the control I can get

oh wow! very organized!

My rating


not technically a guide
very short
more of a showcase (you can do that in Discord)

Wild card:
although not a guide It is pretty self-explanatory and has texts everywhere

overall 4/10

Please make it more of a guide.

yep please note that Community Made Guides is not for showcases but for step by step instructions to make something.
Showcases are off-topic here and can get flagged.

Isn’t he asking if it’s too much power? THat should go in Help right?

Sorry, I was not aware. I just fixed it.