My modal won't pop up for all the players

I have a lifecycle that detects when the game starts and triggers a trigger with a five second delay, which triggers a pop up. But the pop up only shows for the host, what do I do?

Have a relay in-between the popup and the lifecycle, and select the relay to “everyone” or “all players” or something like that.

ill try
extra characters momment

For extra characters just do this:

<RANDOM CHARACTERS GO 2dgy2778eduhnig8ysodlwhsnsk>
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In the Lifecycle set it to broadcast on channel Relay Pt1.

Then, on the relay, set it to relay to All Players on channel Relay Pt2 when receiving a signal from channel Relay Pt1

i think i have it working but I’m not totally sure so I’m not gonna mark a solution yet

Okay. If there’s anything else you need, ping me and I’ll be happy to help. :white_check_mark:

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