My map will not load

So… I was casually waiting for my map to load to get in… but it won’t

I have been waiting almost 10 minutes and have refreshed a lot… what do I do?

Try clearing your cache.

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Check ur wifi? restart your device if it’s a chromebook or mobile

Same the servers are being slow

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Maybe your internet?

Now it did this -_-

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that just happened in another post. It’s the servers probably like @LepgeckPj_76 siad

People in my class next to me are totally fine when they play. I guess it’s just random

mine also not working…

Lemme check mine…

Ouch now it’s red.

Now It’s just switching between red and orange

Well… I guess we know that the servers are down. Let’s mark a solution to close the topic and hope that the servers get better soon.

Thank you!

Everything is back up and running. Let me know if anything is broken for anyone, otherwise we should be good to go.

If this devolves into a chat or an off-topic trash bin or a bunch of people respond “hi Jeff” or other nonsense, I’ll close this thread immediately.


This is overtaking bugs…


Yes you may be my friend or fweind.

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