My map is bland... can I have ideas on what else to put?

I am making a map, and it look like a sort of animal show, and it is a farm life, and showing different things like that. It looks bland so far. Any ideas?

Add some more animal emojis, maybe some hay, and stalls


To be honest that looks amazing but I thing it will be great if you add a room to it.

Nice pfp!

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a field area somewhere. maybe behind the fence. you could make a maze with it


Maybe add like a talking stand in the middle of the chairs?

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Yeah maybe you can add that as suggestion!

I also have this piece of the map that looks bland… (I Forgot to add it in the post. :expressionless: :neutral_face: )

you could come up with a balloon cart stand somehow.

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I could use the market stand and put some balloons on it! Nice idea :ok_hand:

you could also put a sentry behind the cart to be the seller of the balloons

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Any more ideas? If not, I can mark a solution.

Maybe add like one of those pumpkin mazes or hay stacks?

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hey @leo_flowers
if you put it on wix and ping me here, i can decorate it for you…

Leaves, pile of leaves, empty sheild stand with garden tools

I can’t get on the wix. It is blocked for me because I am on a school computer.

oh well. it ok tho. here, transalte the number in chinses, then i will join. But if you don want to, it ok

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