My laser maze game

If I made it so my game was a laser game with lots of lasers how many pays do you think I would get? What would I need to add?

Maybe hide the ends of the lasers and make sure the game LOOKS good. Design a good thumbnail and playtest it multiple times to make sure there are no bugs you missed. I would suggest a common color theme and changing the color of the lasers ot match.

Ok thanks my thumbnail might not be the best though.

you can ask peopel to creat one

I could make one, do you want it hand-drawn or Canva’d?

We can post our thumbnails here.

Lol, Canva'd

I can make one too!
Might have seen my stuff before in the GK awards voting thing
I can also play the game when you publish it so it can get lots of plays heheh
/j /j

Could you try to make one it’s on laser maze

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Can you unmark the solution so I can have some time to make it? thanks

@ekhona30 you didn’t unmark it…
I’ll edit my comment and add the image here later today.

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