My health is glitching

My health is at zero and I haven’t respawned

this is pretty common for me. It’s nothing too big though, especially because there is a respawn button. I would change the category to bugs btw.

I hit it and it is still zero

Tbh this glitch is common at this point

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I am spawning in terrain on a laser though

js mark a solution pls. it’s really common. there is a respawn button for glitches. you would usually post a bug topic because something happens constantly…

Spelling Police Moment: it’s “glitching”

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That’s a weird glitch. I guess its common though.

I use scratch too!

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I remember when I used to make OCs in Scratch before lol


That happened to me too, it is a pretty common glitch. If it is just an issue with the visibility of the map, it’s fine. If there are other issues in the gameplay of the map it is a glitch in the game or bad map mechanics.

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yes this is common for me when doing things with lasers, it just means intstant de@th if something hits you. no fix as im aware.

yeah, mabey restart? it is probably a glitch

Clear your Cache and reload the map.

Please mark a solution too!

ps. you spelled “glitching” wrong