My Grinder Kit Addon

Any ideas, @WolfTechnology ?

Uses barriers to make stars and the plants as the background, make spaceships of all different colors and make space stations, like here is a sidways photo of a space ship colors sless.

Thanks! Appreciate it.

No problem i havent made any of that, but its on my google docs for future space ideas, the background one sounds insane.

A) Is @twofoursixeight spamming wiki tag editing?
B) Did @ClicClac steal @NavyCatZ’s profile picture?
C) Did @LxmasHaxTakis steal @CringeKarlScott’s profile picture?
D) What is with users changing their profile pics?

I’m adding wiki tags to topics that contain an editable wiki in order to make the tag more useful and clear

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  1. Yes.

  2. She gave it out FOR FREE!

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Ngl, i thought you were Navy for a second. _(‘’)_/

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How about a city area?

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I like it! I’m not good at art, so how would i make the buildings?

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Ya took her pfp… [}{]

Yeah, I’m getting off-topic.

so can you mark a solution so this off-topic ness stops.

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Stop off-topic posting. Apparently that’s how it works here.

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Nice new pfp @mysz! And yep i’ll stop.

I’ll stop off-topic posting. Sorry.

Please refer to my PSA - off topic posting is not allowed here.

nice, i think EVERYONE needs to read it, i am always off-topic chatting and not off-topic chatting ,50-50.

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