My gim is broken

@popp5’s image is like if you flip around upside down it doesn’t look good

I tried to replicate it

Why is it so tiny /nbr

should I try to resize it?


this managed to get way too accurate
@vqnillaxx big enough?

Yes thats good

I’m probably being rlly annoying rn, but @popp5’s image was kinda low quality, so to me it looks real. I don’t know if theyre telling the truth or theyre a really good photoshopper

I mean low quality just happens when you get really zoomed out and it actually wasn’t that hard to make it just took 2 screenshots removed the background on the one with the gim and pasted it onto of the other upside down

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You might be right. Now I admit I was wrong. I’m gonna leave this topic now

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Well… it is upside down. The grass is correct.

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Yeah, that’s definitely Photoshopped.

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For sure definitely 100% absolutely never in a million years would this not have been photoshopped. (Mabye in a billion tho)

that looks just like popp’s screenshot. definitely photoshopped.

That new pfp is, Clicks tongue noice.

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