My gim is broken

why did you ping jeffo to mark a solution?

Oh I just realized well sorry I need to pay more attention

because it will give him a direct link to the topic in notifictations. Thats why. also it saves him trouble of searching for post like this.

Well the gim could be edited though but sadly I don’t have enough information

well the user just got suspended so I guess we won’t find out

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Well we just haft to wait until sep 1 for him to respond now

by then they might just forget about this place

It doesn’t look edited; look at the grass texture. The tiny lighter lines would be upside down if it was edited, but they’re not

I think I was the reason he got suspended…

yea he most likely will forget about what suspended his account until sep 1

The gim only being edited though

no its clearly edited i can do the same for you
just the fact that he’s taking it as a joke to waste mods/ppls time

Okay, then do the same thing. If you can, you get to prove me wrong and I will admit I was wrong
Win win

genuinely not trying to add fuel to the fire and im also not saying this is edited but its really easy to do. i made this in about 4 minutes and its not great but with a little more time spent it could be a lot more realistic.


yep this bug topic is to be flagged even though it was

(you just have tobreverse the name and its the right way around btw))


This deserves to be a feature instead of a bug. Imagine that happening if you joined a game with ‘dinnerbone’…

alright i gtg

the shadow and name are off

But you can clearly see the awkward lines on the gim and the name from where the background used to be. On @popp5’s image, the awkward lines aren’t there.