My farming plot won’t work!

It’s supposed to plant when you press plant field, or when you go to each one individually.

But it wont work? This might be a memory thing, it has 95% full :flushed:

It has recipes so……i have no idea why it’s broken

did you select the group for the crafting table?

Oh that’s something i have to do? It’s never made me do that before

here , could you get me some screenshots?
props above a craft plot will render it useless too

also try refreshing never hurts

it is in the settings for the crafting plot

crafting plot? huh??

oh, whoops, farmiing plot, typing fastt…

yeah happens I’m glad grammar police isn’t that big of a deal anymore

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Screenshots……hang on i gotta crop the other one so my name isn’t there…

Okay here

remove the trees
they are blocking the hitbox

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Okay thank you

(These are extra characters)

Also can anyone help me make a button that will plant the entire field?

Or you could probably turn off the tree hitboxes

Yeah, @Bookwyrm703 thats what i said

not possible sry
they really need to have more channels

dont think you can

Okay thanks