My Creative Map Won't Load

When I click on my map it either just stays on the loading screen or it loads, just with a neon green tint over everything.
Does anybody know how to fix this?

Answers greatly appreciated :heart:

Length Warning

Try hitting Ctrl + R .
If that doesn’t work, Shut Down/Restart your computer and reopen it.

Could you show a screenshot?

Edit: Looks like servers are down, check the status page and
for more info.

Edit 2: Looks like the servers are back, it was only down for a few minutes

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I’ll try, but like I said, sometimes it loads and sometimes it doesn’t.

Oh, okay!
I would like your post but I’m out of likes.

Just exit out of the gimkit tab and reload your browser. That works for me.

Okay so now I’m really confused- I reloaded it and now the entire creative screen won’t load.

Turn off your computer and turn it back on and we will see where we are.

I can acces gkc tho…

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Oh ok, I’ll try that! Yeah, I checked the server checkup website and everything is running normally.

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Ok, restarted my computer, and… it works! I mean, my map is still pretty glitchy, but at least it loaded.

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Ok then. Have fun with your map!

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I hate having no likes


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