My checker Is connected to a button to end my game for 2 mil. brown seeds (cookies) in my case and I have the buttons deactivated and it wont activate whenever you have 2 mil. brown seeds

Look above

and yes they are connected

did you have it pay a vending machien and if it pays then you win if it can’t then it does nothing

so button press it pays the vending machien 2 mil brown seeds if it can’t then nothing happens if it does then send a signal to an endgame or make it activate something which activates an endgame

did that, did’nt like it, deleted it

then idk what other solution you want youll need someone more techy

you can make the vending machine invisable and the button activate it which it activates the endgame

hey @WolfTechnology @GimSolver @THEHACKER120 can you help i can’t

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so u want to activate the button for a personal scope when someone reaches 2m+

Is the checker constantly checking?

Is this just the norm now? Pinging active people to help posts?


how do I do that?

Using trigger loops, or repeaters. Lifecycle > Repeaters/Trigger loop > Checker.

Are the settings like this:

ehh somewhat

Make it equal to

What if the seeds have a greater amount that 2 million then?

they are obliviously gonna be greater than

Oh I see…

So when the checker didn’t work, did you have more than 2 mil?

I had 10 million +