My barrier scope blocked both teams not just 1

please help. my barrier scope blocked both teams instead of one.

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What was the barrier’s default active state?

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wait, can I make a new barrier and you walk me through the process?

So if the barrier is active on game start, it is active for ALL players. So if you only want one team to get through, you need it NOT active on game start, and activate it some other way, like a trigger on lifecycle, or wire repeater….

Does that help?

PS Wiring would look like this

Lifecycle on game start ——> triggers trigger where only team (x) can active —-> barrier activates

Then the barrier will ONLY activate for that team

Like getrithekd said, you could also have it ACTIVE on start, then

Gamestart(lifecycle) ——> relay for specific team —-> decactivate barrier.

I tend to use triggers more often, but relays work great and is probably the most underrated device :slight_smile:

can it be active and 1 team still get through?

Yep! (Check the above post, I edited :slight_smile:)

thanks so much! let me try…

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Make it default active and then use a relay to broadcast to team 1 to deactivate the barrier.

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Yeah, you could also do this :slight_smile: whichever makes more sense to you

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@man-o Do you understand? :slight_smile: Also, why did you make two topics?

they did not work for me but that’s fine