My account logged me out

My forums kept loading very slowly, and I had to keep closing and reopening them. Then, all of a sudden, (on a school device) I was logged out of my account! Does anyone know what’s happening?

It’s a common issue on the forums. Overloading due to the amount of users (?).
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Thanks… but now I can’t log back in!(on other device)

yeah… alts are not allowed on the forums.

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Sorry, I mean alt device not account

oops my bad, on the other device what does it say, like “password incorrect?”

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Its says “Can’t login as BMW23 with this IP adress.” or summin like that

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huh, thats something I’ve never seen before… maybe wait untill the more skilled users are online

Ok, thank you for trying, tho

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Maybe every hour or so

you didnt mark a solution so it won’t get locked…

Pretty sure that means you’re IP banned.

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That means your IP banned.

Which means you might be a suspended user combing back and your ban evading.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt though. (is blud whitegod??)

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I think my ip may have been suspended due to school restrictions, because it was working fine the day before, but they’re always watching your computer(using an alt device that i rarely have access to rn)

your school probably banned the forums in a weird way. they just banned it through IP instead of the actual website (which probably takes more work :man_shrugging:)


Thank you! I will ask my school counselor about this, and hopefully they can remove the ban!

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Hopefully… good luck!

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