My account disappeared!

Where r u right now?

Why would I stay if my account is gone? I can’t send screenshots (for guides) and I can’t ask for help because why would I need help for a non-existent account?



private, but how about I make an acount and verify it?

off topic.
i know.
I will send a pulse of wifi to the 20 mile radius anyway.


I paid for 2 season passes already, I don’t really wanna make a new one.

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@Jeffo please help.

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Hopefully, when I get home, I can access my email and confirm the password.

it did say something about forums and regular not working.

I marked the only possible solution…

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It should work when you get home and are not on the schools Wi-Fi they probably blocked it in some way

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I was just wondering.

WHat is happpening? THE WIX JUST UNBLOKCED!!!

I know off-topic but

can u give me the link?

Gimsolver if you leave May I take your place?

what do you mean???

Im joking @GimSolver XD

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