My account disappeared!

Please help me. I know this is sorta off-topic but I need help! It says no account found and when I use the correct email, it tells me to authenticate. I can’t authenticate on my school device. I spend HOURS on Gimkit and money, please help.

well that sucks a lot

Should we contact the administrators?

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same happened to me but I was able to log in easily without the authentication thing

We should probably contact like someone right?

Wait! I think I just have to wait until I get back home, confirm the verification and set a password?

Are you connected to Wifi?


Have you reset the modem and wifi router? Or is is a school network?

Yikes… I hope you can recover the account when you get home

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weird. I’m on school wifi and it worked fine for me

If it wasn’t a school network, I could have given you my Laboratory’s InfiniteRange Wifi
[patent pending]


@moderators pls help with this

If I can’t recover my account, I’m probably gonna leave the forums.

It sends out free wifi within a 20 mile radius.

R U 20 miles within me?

:frowning: :frowning: Goodbye :frowning: Bro sad music actually playing in my ela class r n

OH NO! Please don’t leave. Your guides and everything else that you have done has really made an impact, don’t quit now!

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Yeah! In fact, I would make an account just for u to stay!