Music x2 (Plays the same music, but twice)

There’s actually 2 bugs on the music:

If you start the game and end it quickly, the music is still there. It’s actually a great bug if you want music on the lobby. (it sometimes won’t work)

The music bug happening in the lobby from the 1st one won’t restart. Just the same song will happen, and imagine hearing this:

Your normal music:
dun dun dun, yes yes bam, uh huh, rap, yes

The bugged version:
dun dun dun dun dun dun yes yes yes yes uh huh uh huh rap rap yes yes

Imagine 2 of them mixed up. Not that good.

The only way you can get rid of this bug is to close out your map and open it again.


I have had the problem of music in my lobby before. I don’t really think we can do anything about this until the devs fix it.

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same when I played my game it was just random chords

Same w/ me. Preferably, I just reload the webpage. This should help.

Here’s the solution;
Keep whatever device you’re using muted
Like I do

Also when i switch music from Epic Battle to Peaceful guitar, it plays both at same time!