Music to Gimkit

Why can you not add different sound effects (or any sound/music in general)? if they did add it, it would probably be on my deathbed but, any chances they do add it soon?

I don’t know, most likely with the release of platformer modes to creative will come with new music to add. ANd sounds are a thing but they only work with device interactions.

dang well I think it might be on my deathbed then💀

Custom music and sound assets aren’t allowed because moderating those assets would be very difficult, and people might upload assets with swear words in them.


then the solution would be custom music, like custom icons/items

i would say to add just beats like sound notes to make custom music but thats a suggestion, not the point of this post.

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m- m- my vocabulary was wrong? NOOOOOOO

I would love that- would instantly make a music importer mod lol
But sadly we can’t do that and that sucks.

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yeah maye make a nolt suggestion on that?

makes me wonder can you combine gkc audio files together and create some messed up form of music?

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the audio files are copyrighted so that may produce some issues gimkit does not want to deal with.

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I don’t bother with nolt suggestions lol
I just try to pitch ideas to gimkit team whenever they’re active lol
Probably won’t try and pitch this though, I mainly focus on block code.

i would but im never on discord, so you probly have a higher chance of getting it added.

oof ._. lol but maybe u can edit them if you had the right equipment/or site to edit the audio file enough to make it non copyrighted but then again i have no idea how copyright works cuz i dont pay attention to somethings enough

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lol yeah, i can try but i don’t think i have the right set up. Worth a shot though

maybe so anyways good night

I think you can only use the music Gimkit provides, which you can change in game settings. I do not think Gimkit will let you upload your own music because people could easily upload music with swearwords in it.

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This is already on nolt