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So right now, I have it to pick a random person on team 1 to be the murderer, then that triggers it to select a sheriff, then that triggers it to select a psychopath (Gets killed to win). The problem is that the team switchers are too slow and I end up with mixed classes because when selecting the sheriff, it still thinks the selected murderer is on team 1 because they are in the middle of respawning. I don’t want to have a delay, even though I already have a 0.1second delay between choosing classes because I don’t want them to have time to see who is in what role. Any way to fix this?

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this is going to sound specific but what order did you place the relays and team switchers?

(start is when the game starts)
(SelectSheriff gets received by a relay to select the sheriff , and is almost exactly like the murderer setup)

You know my guide on putting a waypoint on every player in the game? Use that, but switch the waypoints with separate team switchers. A delay of 0.2-0.5 seconds should work.

or could I make it do relays instead of a team switcher that broadcasts on murderer, innocent, and sheriff to do all of the mechanics for the separate roles

You could do that. However, make sure to put them on a psuedo team then so you can still do actions for them.

what is a psuedo team??

Basically just giving select people an item, then running checks that pass or fail based on how many items you have. It kinda puts them on their own team every time you check like this, hence the term psuedo team. Psuedo just means false.

Couldn’t you also use a property?

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You COULD! That is a different type of psuedo teaming, called NPT. The n stands for numerical. Psuedo teaming with items is called CPT. The c stands for Classical.

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I will probably use that since it is not visual, and you can’t tell that you have a property. But with items, you can see them in your inventory.

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It is having the same issues as the previous one.

you can use block code to check and then randomize again

If you’re using psuedo teams, stop. If you’re using real teams, increase the delay to 1-2 seconds?

ok, I will try that again

It works with 1 second delays, so I guess that will have to do

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