Murder Mystery Help 7

So, I am making Murder Mystery. And I Need Help.
I need help with the mechanic where if the sheriff dies, the player that comes across the body can pick up the hat (a research item) and become sheriff. How would I go about doing this?
(Notes: Innocents are Team 1, Murderer is Team 2, Sheriff is Team 3. When you die, you go to a black box that says “Waiting For Next Game To Start” To Avoid Spectator Bugs. Also There Is No Infinite Refills For Weapons, So The Innocents Only Get 1 Shot Once They Get 10 Cash)

Idk but maybe you can use this guide to drop the item:

and then like, you can make it so when the other player picks up the hat, their team changes?

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Let Me Try That . . .

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How Would I Make It So If A Murderer Picks Up The Drop (A Research Item), It Drops Again?

Inventory item manager?

No, Because You Can’t Have The Max Of An Item Be 0