Murder Mystery 5

I have an issue that I think is a bug. So my issue is that my machine that ends the game when the murderer gets knocked out ends the game when anyone gets knocked out. This is it:
K.O. Manager, and end game
K.O manager settings:

Screenshot 2023-12-21 8.13.18 AM
Screenshot 2023-12-21 8.13.29 AM

End game settings:

Any Ideas? Pls Comment Them!

Is it not working?

No, It ends the game when the murderer knocks anyone out, no matter how many people are left

Can you sort the leaderboard by teams and see what team they’re on?

the innocents are on team 1, the murderer on team 2, and the sheriff on team 3

just put this in the knockout manager and have the game ender set to end the game upon recieving a message to end the game from the channel end game.

That’s what they did…
Did you not read the post?

(No offense)

murder mystery 0
wire repeater settings
team 3 because ko manager wires send the pulse as the player who knocked them out.

Try using a relay before the knockout manager

Replace the block code with a wire repeater and make it block the signal unless you are on team 2

The knockout manager already detects if any player is knocked out, runs some blocks to see if they are on team # and ends the game.
How would that work?
Also, you’d need something to Trigger the Relay in order for it to run an event so what device would you use?
A Knockout Manager?
But you already have that…

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I’ve had this happen before. What you can do is instead of blocks codes is place a repeater that only accepts pulse from team 2.

I already tried that, it didn’t work

so how would I set that up?

there is no setting on the repeater for teams.


I think he means in the Wire Repeater but

i’ll try it again…
it worked!!!

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check wix if you want to try it out

Yeah I meant wire repeater

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