Multiple devices not working


none of these mechanisms are not working I dont know whats going on please help

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What are they supposed to do?

Try refreshing.

are you trying to make like a team stun system? i sorta see where this is going

one team is supposed to have a legendary wooden wand and the other picture is a series of speed mechanisms that don´t work

What devices are not working? it may be the function you are trying to do is not working, not the devices.

here d m me on the wix i might be able to debug it for you

team, set when it to team two spawns item granter gives them a legandary wooden wand in there invetory.

and if wix is blocked can you show us the settings of each device i know it might be alot but just show us like the important stuff

sorry messed up with screenshots

what is sending out on the channel 2? a relay alone cannot send on a channel it needs something else maybe a trigger?

or maybe it does idk much about relays

yeah it needs a different channel to start the relay on


I think its the function, not the devices, just my thoughts on this.

maybe so my technical knowledge of gimkit is limited so you might be right

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Well i am limited on that too, i may know more, but not much. i tend to stick to what I am good at.

the channel I put does nothing I don´t think I replaced it with a wire so its just there

but I just got rid of it in case it was messing with the wires connection in any way

Are you using a checker?