Multiple Death Challenge thing

So what I want to do is when someone dies for the first time send them to an area where they complete a challenge. If they win. They get back into the game. If they lose. They die permanently (AKA go into spectator team) But the second time they die they also die forever can I get some help?

You could use a counter that increments that receives on a lifecycle for player knocked out.

maybe you can uses a ko manger and teleport the player to an arena for the first part but i’m not sure about the next part to put them to the spectator team

you could use a property that goes to one on your first death, when its at 1 you are teleported to the challenge, once you beat that challenge you’re back into the game, but then if you die again the property goes to 2 and you are spectator and if you fail the challenge the property reaches 2 as well and you are spectator

My way would be to teleport the player to a room when the lifecycle player knocked out, and give them an item (any item). Check if the item = 1, if so give them the challenge. If not, switch them to spectator.
This is just if you don’t want to use properties but any of these solutions would work.


Could you code that for me plz? :rofl:

Sounds too complicated plus I like block coding better. Easier to bug fix

@Blackhole927 Can you block code this?

cant im in school

Can you do it after school and post it here?

I can probably do it

idk gotta go take test bye

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Ok thanks pls do my block code knowledge is limited lol :rofl:

so first make a knockout manager, and wire it so a trigger triggers when the player is knocked out, and in the trigger make it when triggered run this:
Then make it so when they complete the challenge they are back in the game, and the block will make it so if they are knocked out again, the property will be at 2, and then all you have to do is make a team switcher that makes them spectator when it receives on “change their team to spectator”

You can use a setup like this:

The life cycle:


The property:

The counter:


The checker:


The teleporter:


The team switcher:


Then you can make whatever the challenge is also trigger the team switcher or a teleporter back into the game.

Thanks for the help! I’ll be marking this as the solution.

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