Multi-select not working

Not sure if this is a bug or is just an update that I missed, but I can’t select multiple devices and copy all of them.

Uhm, have you tried reloading?

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Did you click hold and drag?

Yes, it’s happened every single time I’ve tried editing or building out the map.

Yep. I even checked the forums on keyboard shortcuts for multi-copy.

Then I guess your only choice is to do it one at a time.

You have to hover over one of the highlighted devices to do this.

If I try that, I can only copy that device.

Does the highlighted device have an outline?

if what you have selected goes off screen it deselects them

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Er, sorry for not responding right away. Yes, it has the outline.

And you’re hovering over a device with the outline? Just making sure because this has worked for me for a long long time.