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:scroll: The Ultimate Guide to the Item Image Device

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So, we all know there’s a new device, the Item Image device! :hushed: It allows players to show a picture of any Gimkit item you choose that is available! Let’s see what it looks like:

Screenshot 2024-03-20 9.56.48 AM

This device allows you to show any image of a device! For example, let’s try to show a picture of a Portable Muffin Launcher, AKA, the P.M.L.
Screenshot 2024-03-20 10.00.33 AM
Now, it shows the item!
Screenshot 2024-03-20 10.01.38 AM

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Thanks for reading about this new device!
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cool beans :beans:

no offence but this device does not need a guide



me personally, this is a great device that might would need a guide.

I think it does. Every other device does.
More or less…
But none taken…

Eh… Move it to devices.

All right.

Good. This is more of a showcase then a guide.

What do you mean?

Yeah, it’s a great guide, but an entire tug for it? I don’t know…


Well… It’s not a guide on how to do something, but it’s more of showing its properties. Also, you should add some links. Like this one:

Should it be a regular guide, then?

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keep it a wiki but maybe not the tug

its up to you man, keep it or leave it.

Just put it in the tug to all devices.


I’m hesitating yet considering that…
I don’t know.

In my opinion it’s like having a tug for an item spawner

why is making tugs just a theme now? like the nature-of it’s just not needed


Argh, I totally agree with you, or the camera view…
Let’s just add it to the TUG. I’ll mark a solution to close this, and let’s make sure nobody else makes any other guides about this.